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Improvement and Business English

Good English matters.  English is the language of the Internet, diplomacy, business dealings, education etc. Today’s workplace demands personnel to communicate effectively in English, which is a fundamental skill for life.

Business English

The Business English consists of practical, business-related tasks relevant to the workplace and aims to assist students achieve the required level of competency who, as part of their job, deal with English-speaking counterparts regularly in a functional capacity.

The classes will focus on salient areas like:

- Listening and understanding business-related conversations and announcements

- Participating in conversations

- Persuasive communication

- Writing business-related documents adopting the tone, form, layout, content and composition appropriate to the requirements of different situations

- Making oral presentations

- Public speaking

Target Audience:

- Working professionals and adults

- College students

- Fresh graduates/ New executives, or Anyone who wishes to equip themselves with essential communication skills in Business English.

- Some elements of Improvement English e.g. grammar, vocabulary building, etc., will be covered in the 6-months course above.

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