AAT Essentials: Finance for non-finance managers

(FREE & fully funded by Yayasan Peneraju, a Government agency under the purview of the Prime Minister’s office)

About AAT

The Association of Accounting Technicians is the world’s leading professional body for Accounting Technicians, with over 150,000 members worldwide. 

About System & Skills Training Concept

SSTC, an award winning AAT Training Provider, has been appointed by Yayasan Peneraju to deliver the course.

AAT Essentials

AAT Essentials deliver practical skills that can be applied in the workplace immediately.

Don’t have a finance background?  

No problem. The training provides straight talking training that will help you and your employees manage business finance more effectively. They’re ideal for managers without a finance background, as well as other non-finance employees looking for a better understanding of key financial tasks.


Already working in finance?

If you or your employees are already working in a finance role, you can learn KEY budget templates that are useful during crisis. 


Target Audience

The training is appropriate for you:

  1. Diploma holders/ Undergraduates/ Fresh graduates/ Job seekers/ Junior workforce aged 26 and below
  2. Retrenched/ Unemployed/ Existing workforce/ Executives/ Officers/ Administrators
  3. Managers/ Business owners

Note: The training course is only open to Bumiputeras aged 45 and below.

Areas covered in Training

  • Understanding the income statement account and statement of financial position                 
  • Using information from the income statement account and statement of financial position.
  • Controlling cash and liquidity
  • Granting credit to customers
  • Prepare and use budgets to manage and control the business 

What skills will you gain?

  • Ability to manage and control your own finances
  • Understand basic financial documents used in business.
  • Interpret the financial information and use it to manage day to day business activity.
  • Ability to prepare budgets and make informed budgeting decisions.
  • Ability to effectively communicate financial information to business partners and the bank.
  • Understand the difference between profit and cash.
  • Ability to assess creditworthiness of customer and mitigate risks of non-paying customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Practical and ready-to-use Budget templates during Crisis 
  • Comprehensive training manuals and activity books
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Every participant will receive personalised Certificate of Attendance from AAT, UK. 

Method of Delivery

Online via virtual Zoom classes. Each class is limited to 50 participants. Our experienced trainers will discuss and will be on hand to provide guidance on progress and assessment. Discussion and debate with classmates will help you apply theories to situations you face in the workplace.


16 hours conducted over 4 virtual sessions. Each online session lasts for 4 hours with small digital breaks. Exercises, interactive case studies and analytical tools help to enhance the learning experience further.


The course will spread over 2 weeks. There will be 2 sessions per week. Upon registration, you will be advised of the finalised timetable.


Registration is open throughout the year until 2022. Classes will be conducted every 2 months.We will advise you of the finalised schedule.

1.  To register for the course, please complete the google form

2. Please submit copy of your IC and Birth Certificate to or whatsapp to 012 – 370 7660/ 016 – 231 5518. These are 

required supporting documents by Yayasan Peneraju for verification and approval.


Additional Information

• Participants are advised to have a laptop and a calculator ready for the course.    

Contact Details

If you have further queries, you may contact us at 012 – 370 7660/ 016 – 231 5518.                                    



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